Yamaha TZ 250 J

I bought this bike in 1989 from a guy working at the French embassy in Stockholm. Last man to use this bike in mid eighties was Bruno Vecchioni. After a phone call to Bruno Vecchioni he told me this : For him in 1982 and 1983 the bike was ride by Thierry RAPICAULT . Rapicault racing in French championship. For 1984 the bike was stored Bruno Vecchioni get a job with Yamaha Sonauto middle of 1984 , and he asked if can use the bike for racing . So he made with the bike National 250cc French championship 1985 and 1986 For finish , he said , in 1987 he get a NEW TZ 250cc and he keep the bike like N°2 two bike . Then sold to the French guy who worked in the French embassy in Stockholm . Imported from France to Sweden in 1987. Restored engine with JPX cylinder barrels.Very good condition with original paint from the Sonauto Team

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